The following information details updates to eurovoice objects 2.0 software and instructions for downloading.

Before updating your software we recommend that you:-

  • Backup your existing applications and your original eurovoice objects setup program. That way, you will be able to revert to your existing configuration should the update not meet your needs.
  • Take note of your existing serial number and licence key from the eurovoice objects Server Manager application.
  • Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.
  • Locate eurovoice objects and de-install the existing installation.
  • Download the latest eurovoice objects update, by following your original download instructions.
  • Run the downloaded evo setup file to install the updated version of eurovoice objects.
  • Re-run the evo Server Manager to scan your hardware and re-enter your serial number / licence key information.
  • Re-compile your applications using the updated software.
  • If you have any problems, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that users licenced for more than 30 lines should also e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional files.




Description of changes / download instructions



Initial release of eurovoice objects 2.0. eurovoice objects 2.0 provides support for:-

  • PIKA Technologies cards as well as Intel Dialogic - no application changes needed!
  • Building PC-based PBX type applications when using PIKA Phone/Station interface hardware
  • Building conferencing applications when using PIKA hardware
  • CAS signalling as well as ISDN
  • Adding echo-cancellation into call-routing applications using Intel-dialogic hardware
  • PIKA driver version 6.1 OR Intel-Dialogic drivers versions SR5.1.1, SR5.1.1 with Feature Pack 1 and SR6.0 for PCI
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Visual Studio .NET




eurovoice objects 2.0.002 fixes / adds the following:-

  • Prevents error within evo server if a PIKA ISDN based application hangs up without first stopping the playing of a prompt or collection of DTMF digits
  • Prevents Flash-hook timing from not being initialised on Intel-Dialogic analogue boards under certain configurations
  • North American CallerID now supported with PIKA analogue cards
  • Improved performance, especially regarding the playing back of numbers or strings of characters
  • High density applications of 240+ lines per server now verified / supported.
  • PIKA drivers version general release now supported.
  • Windows 2003 Server supported with PIKA as well as Intel-Dialogic configurations




eurovoice objects 2.0.003 fixes / adds the following:-

  • Support for North American CallerID when using Pika Analogue hardware
  • Support for Pika Inline MM european board
  • New Vox to wav COM component provide to perform conversion of 8KHz ADPCM, Mu-Law and A-Law format vox files to 16-bit wav file
  • Improved Server Simulator: - now performs automatic vox to wav conversion; so that vox format files (8KHz ADPCM, Mu-Law and A-Law) can be played directly. Also allows DTMF interruption of voice prompts
  • Supports immediate called person hangup detection when an analogue device is called by PIKA 6.2 ISDN based system in a Euro-ISDN configuration (subject to the telco providing the appropriate ISDN information messages)
  • Provides enhanced analogue call progression detection with Pika Analogue configurations
  • Corrects following issues with Pika MC6.2 ISDN configurations:-
  • - Prevents server crash if application issues HangUp method whilst still playing voice files
  • - Prevents bad evo server state if HangUp method and RemoteDisconnect events occur simultaneously
  • - Prevents bad evo server state when HangUp method is issued following 'Busy' returned value from MakeCall method
  • Changes to the tone definition screen of the Evo Server Manager prevents corruption of Intel-Dialogic tones definitions with debounce when the tone definitions are saved and reloaded.
  • New Sample Apps:
  • - All .NET sample apps upgraded for Visual Studio 2003 (.NET release 1.1)
  • - C#.NET Information line
  • - VB.NET Conferencing sample app (for Pika-based systems only)
  • - Vox to wav conversion sample app and executable




eurovoice objects 2.1.001 adds the following:-

  • Dual channel ‘conversation record’ feature added to allow two callers, connected together on separate lines via the CTBus, to be recorded into one 16bit linear wav file.
  • Transparent conference bridging allows conferences to exist between callers on different Pika cards and/or DSPs. No additional code is now required for conference bridging across DSPs.
  • Fax support with Pika as add-on option added.
  • Voice over IP support with Pika available. This allows Pika channels to be configured as VoIP ports and raw RTP communications can be started and stopped to specified IP address and UDP port.
  • Additional ‘floating’ DSP port resources can be added without using additional line licences. Such resources could be used for many different purposes, including the playing of prompts into, or recording from conferences.
  • Added improved Pika Wav file playback. Formats now supported include 8 bit linear, 16 bit linear, 8 bit mu-law and 8 bit a-law encoding.
  • Improved Call Progress Analysis and Tone Detection capabilities for Pika based systems.
  • New functionality added via the generic ServerSend method including:-
  • - Ability to retrieve Pika DSP real-time memory and processing usage.
  • - Ability to retrieve North American CallerIDName parameter from Pika analogue configurations.
  • - Ability to retrieve Dialogic & Pika Call Progress greeting duration.
  • New evoServ.ini file configuration parameters added.
  • New VB.NET Outbound dialling sample app
  • Added support for configuring the InlineMM card for Audio Logging

Furthermore, a number of bug fixed have been implemented.

This version is the current downloadable version for eurovoice objects 2.0 users. File size approx 14Mbytes. Please follow your original download instructions to obtain this version. Users licenced for more than 30 lines should also e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional files.

Please note that there will be no further releases of eurovoice objects 2.0