eurovoice objects 1.0 software update history:




Description of changes / download instructions



Initial evo 1.0 General Release



Updates to evServ and Evo.dll fixes issue with media state not being reset under certain conditions when following call to 'addfiletoplaylist' method (ISDN environments only).



Update to Install program will now allow installation on Windows XP as well as Windows 2000. This change has been made to allow users the ability to install eurovoice objects object on Windows XP for development with the server simulator only. Please note that Intel Dialogic's drivers are not (yet) supported under Windows XP.



Updates to evo.dll, evolanguage.dll and evoserv.exe and associated files. This version addresses the following issues:-

  • PlayMoney correctly plays zero pence
  • PlayDate can now say days of week
  • PlayDate uses individual files for years up to 2020
  • Linestate property now updates when no other evo methods are being called
  • StopMethod may be used to terminate an analogue MakeCall method, instead of having to rely on GlobalCall timeout
  • Improvements made to the sample applications
  • Basic Rate ISDN card, BRI/2VFD now supported
  • evoserver window may be made invisible once loaded
  • Minor update to help documentation
  • Windows XP now supported when used with Intel-Dialogic System Release 5.1.1 with Feature Pack 1

This version is the current downloadable version for eurovoice objects 1.0 users. File size = 12.9 Mbytes. Please follow your original download instructions to obtain this version. Users licenced for more than 30 lines should also e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional files.

Please note that there will be no further releases of eurovoice objects 1.0.