Terms of Payment; Payment is normally required in full with order. However, in the event of alternative arrangements being agreed, invoices are to be settled in full within 30 days of date of invoice. Beyond this, the charging of interest may be considered, for late payments.

Quotations; Costs of goods / fee rates may increase as a result of inflation or fluctuations in exchange rates. Dates quoted for provision of goods and services are estimates and not guaranteed. eurovoice shall not be liable for any consequential losses which may occur and are a result of any delay in despatch / receipt / installation of goods.

Consultancy; The basis on which time is charged is as follows; the rate will include travelling time; not including absence with illness / holiday. Part days will be charged pro-rata, based on an 8 hour working day, or at the hourly rate agreed. The basis on which expenses are charged includes travel, telephone, subsistance, overnight accommodation and significant stationary costs. Arrangements for cancelling the assignment; two weeks notice from either party, with fees due to the end of the period of notice. Statement as to the total time or total charges which will be involved in providing services are estimates only and, whilst every effort will be made to assure their accuracy, no liability is accepted in respect thereof.

Estimation; While time and / or costs estimated have been given in good faith on the basis of assessment, unforeseen circumstances may arise necessitating an extension to the time required and / or costs involved; to be agreed with the client.

Ownership and Risk; The risk in the goods sold shall pass to the customer on delivery. The property in the goods sold shall remain in eurovoice until the customer pays i) the whole of the price thereof and ii) the whole of the price of all other goods sold and delivered under any other contract between eurovoice and the customer; until such payment is made, the goods must be stored separate to other goods in the customer’s possession to enable identification; eurovoice having the right to retake possession of the goods at any time and for that purpose to enter customer’s premises.

Warranty; In the event of any fault or defect in the goods being reported to eurovoice, such goods will be repaired and replaced for a period from delivery; 90 days regarding software, 12 months regarding hardware. The customer shall be expected to return the goods for this purpose unless otherwise agreed. No guarantee is given as to the suitability of the goods for a particular application not in the written specification or instructions related to such goods. eurovoice shall be under no liability to the customer either in contract or tort for loss of profits or other consequential loss arising from defective or unsuitable goods or service provided. eurovoice shall not be liable or responsible to the customer in respect of goods, products, software or services supplied to the customer which are the subject of a warranty, guarantee or support from a third party and the customer shall rely on said third party warranty, guarantee or support.

Confidentiality and Copyright; eurovoice shall not divulge any confidential information about the customer or its business to third parties, in accordance with normal professional practice. Also, documents and advice from eurovoice are for the use of the customer alone; without prior consent must not be disclosed to any third party. Copyright regarding any programs, software, systems or documents supplied remain with eurovoice, unless otherwise agreed.